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Network Carrier Strategies

Access Control Solutions

Enhanced Network Security

Ineo is a provider of cost effective Access Control solutions to the Carrier and Service Provider markets. Our flagship product, SecureEscorts, is a first-to-market solution for clients concerned about access control and session management in multi-vendor networks.

key benefits

Vendor Management

Single Sign On

Acts as the single point of entry to the network infrastructure, decreasing security risks and increases productivity. Also provides authentication, authorization and accounting

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Manages who, why, when, where and what your employees, vendors and contractors can control in your network

Network Access Control

Provides database access through an administrator. User is then escorted through the process, with keystroke, command sequence, and device response information gathered.

single sign on security

Our Proprietary Solution


SecureEscorts is designed for Service provider/Carrier Network Operation Centers and provides the most advanced Single Sign On solution available in the market today.

Point of entry is the most critical part of security management. By creating a single entry point to the network infrastructure and assigning security privileges by user, SecureEscorts tracks activity in one central location, creating a more secure and efficient network. It also allows activity tracking and access reports from one source creating a more secure and efficient network.

Additional Benefits

ineo solutions provide

Operational Savings

Reduces password management in a multi-vendor environment with a single sign-on application. Operations users will no longer have to ask for the password to multiple network elements.

Quicker Revenue Path for Product Deployment

Ability to grant temporary access to large number of users and/or contractors in the field. This makes implementation more efficient and product deployment faster.

Enhanced Network Security

Removes backdoor access to the network

Session Capture and Audit

Captures keystroke entries for Telnet and SSH connections and provides session, device connectivity, session capture data, and application reports.


Customer Support

24/7 support has direct access to SecureEscorts developers and resources. Installations and upgrades are provided by Ineo and. All training is customized using the client’s SecureEscorts architecture for maximum benefit.

“ We love the fact that we can give access to our contractors to install and deploy gear in the field, this allows our operations team to focus on other areas rather than giving each individual user access to devices.”



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